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I have written many emotional Articles but today I wanna be a little practical. So I would like to discuss some facts with you. Yes, facts about the girl child. 

The first and very interesting fact is that every foetus is a female at first. In the first five to six weeks every embryo starts off as a female child until the Y chromosome kicks in and the embryo starts growing into a boy. The biggest evidence that supports this theory is the fact that all male have nipples, as they were once a female foetus. 

  • India has the largest population of children (below 18 years), with 400 million.

  • India witnesses more than 27,00,000 child deaths a year, with the figures for female children being much higher than male children

  • 53% of girls in the age group 5 to 9 years are illiterate

  • 75% of married Indian women were underage…

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Slowly And Steadily Change Has Set In


Hello Everyone,

As parents of an autistic kid the struggle to find a place in schools apt and catering to the special needs is equally hard as accepting the fact that autism is going to be a part of their lives.  I can say this with utmost conviction because I am a parent to an autistic kid.

Source: GoogleAutism-brain-lead

Life never remains same once parents learn that their kids differ from others or let’s put it this way : their kids have different needs which are labelled as “Special Needs”.  And I am among many such parents whose purpose of life after the diagnosis is to make constant efforts in a bid to make this world a better place for their kid, acceptable to and fro (world to kid, kid to world).

The first worry that struck me instantly was to find a place in school with a staff efficient…

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Come, enter my Darkness
Step in and take a deep breath
Let your eyes adjust to its depths
Try to penetrate its density with your gaze
Feel your way around, dare to step forward
Plunge into it if you intend to find me
Call my name, hear your voice bounce back
Can you hear that echo, is it a tunnel or a cave?
It is cold; it smells damp in here
Don’t touch the walls; the moss covered walls
The stone is chilled under your feet
Water is pooling at your ankles
Don’t be still; Vines will grow on you
Just like they grow on me, Thorny vines
That thing crawling on your back like Spiders
Are my thoughts, that have webbed me in
Snakes slither and coil around your back
Hissing things unspoken into your ear
Don’t be fooled by the incantations they murmur
For poison is their fangs that lick you
Arch your neck up; there are rafters there
Bats hang there; they are venomous
On the crack in the wall, there is a Red Rose
The last life that will wither soon
Do me one last favour, my love
Light that lone match in your matchbox
Set this place on fire, burn it down
My blood is the all it needs to consume
Fuelling it, as it swallows like hungry beast
You can’t take me with you my love
But you can free me from my Prison
Liberate my soul from the pain of my body
Let me be unchained from the links of fate
Torch the walls, the vines, the rafters, the darkness
Let the bats, the spiders, the thorns, turn to ashes
And see me smile once and for last time
As I watch them, all incinerate around me
Before I dissolve into a puff of smoke
At last released, At last at peace
For my soul has wings of feather
And now I fly into the Light…..
That is what Love does
It vanquishes all the darkness
It becomes the saviour
It burns bright and brilliant


Women Empowerment – What I Think


Hello Everyone,

I am very confused and unsure about what shall I write today.  Especially with a heavy weight term that I have used in the title I am searching for the right words to present my views to the T.  Trust me it’s not easy with a sensitive issue like this.  I just hope not to enrage tempers, rest is manageable 😉.  Forgive me if I am wrong somewhere.

Well this issue of “Women Empowerment” reminds of a certain advertisement endorsed by one of the leading actress of current times, below is the link, have a look:

Do share your views after you are done with this video in the comment section, I would be waiting.

When I saw this video I found it pretty shallow, out of sync at many places.  To cut it short I would say that I agree to disagree with it.  Because I believe…

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Hi Everyone,

Deeper the love, painful the separation would be.

Deeper the trust, fatal the betrayal would be.

Deeper the roots, stronger the tree would be.

Deeper the wound, longer the healing would be.

Deeper the knowledge, calmer the person would be.

Deeper the enmity, ferocious the end would be.

Deeper the sleep, blissful the life would be.

Deeper the addiction, difficult the solution would be.

Deeper the faith, greater the Patience would be.

We need to decide carefully what we are indulging into, because once we reach depth, coming back to surface won’t be easy even if we want to.

Source: Depth

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Frail hand that held me


Hi Everyone,

Note*  work of fiction

From the diary of a murderer :

I was there killing people, seeking pleasure in their cries.  I could see my reflection in the pool of blood.  There was chaos everywhere.  Nothing moved me because I already have died from within.

I was also hurt physically in this carnage, was wandering in streets with a bleeding hand and it was then that I met this old lady.  She must be something over sixty years.  She looked at my hand and asked what happened.  I said had a small accident and couldn’t find a doctor at this hour.  It’s not a small accident, you are hurt severely, come with me I will do some first aid.  I said its fine, I will find something, I will take care of it.  She still insisted, and she did it persistently.  I had to give up as energy was draining out…

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Journey of girl to woman


Hi Everyone,

A girl is born.  And the mother holds her close to her heart and whispering into her ears “I love you” and a tear trickles down her cheek.  In her thoughts she said to herself “now I am complete, and you have completed me”.

Girl is growing up, so is the mother.  She is reliving her childhood in the purity of her child’s smile.  She is finding solace in the innocence of her child’s acts.  She has promised herself to be a way for her child to materialize her dreams but be never in the way of her dreams.  For the mother her child is the world and can take the world head on for her child.

As the girl was growing up her inquisition on everything grew.  Her curiosity was reflected in her questions and the happiness of a mother was reflected in her eyes when she…

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