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I was in Love, such beautiful feeling. All girls want that, a Valentines with your Someone Special. The one where you give Roses, Cards, Teddy’s, Chocolates and what not to tell that one person how much they mean to you.

I thought what is the one thing I shall do for him that none has done till now is. You know, that urge to be memorable and unique. Now the problem with die-hard romantics is they expect a lot too. So now what I did was like ultimate as far as I saw it. I decorated his doorstep on the inside with Rangoli, I wrote an “I” with colours. Next, I made a Heart of Diyas on his centre table, and lastly a big “YOU” with white Mogra flowers on his bed(don’t get ideas, he had just 1BHK to himself! I couldn’t find another good spot). I hid his present…

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