Does Having Fortune Makes You Fortunate?


Hello Everyone,

Well before I could present my perception about how to define “Fortunate” or rather who is one,   I would like to share (many might know it) a story with you all that has been doing rounds in my mind for quite sometime now:

once upon a time there lived a king.  His passion was to amass wealth and more wealth.  One day a sage visited his kingdom and he was served wholeheartedly by the king.  The sage was overwhelmed by the devotion of the king and wanted to grant him a boon.  On being asked to wish for a boon king without blinking asked for “golden touch”.  He said “Oh holy sage!  Please bless me with golden touch, whatever I touch turns to gold”.  To this the sage smiled and asked the king to double-check what he is wishing for.  But the king remained unfazed and insisted…

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