2 better than 1


Hi Everyone,

I am back from sabbatical of one month.  Was in India to attend my brother’s wedding.   I missed this platform the most, all those views,  likes and comments to say the least 😊.

Coming back to the title “2 better than 1”, before you indulge your brain in any guess-work and think that I am going to throw light on numerology or other such fields let me clarify that my focus is only on “Second” child – why not have one?

Complete Family portrait:  When we talk about a “complete  family picture ” it is more or less a norm that we are referring to four members – father, mother and rest is for you to decide 😉.

Don’t worry, you will do fine :  Well apprehensive approach of couples is quite understandable when it is about their first child but  with a second child in…

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Candles Online

Based on true story

Hi Everyone,

House in a mess and she decided to clean it up. Confused where she shall begin from. “Let’s clean up the cupboards first” she thought. She rolled up her sleeves and started her work. And when she was in the middle of her tryst with dirt and mess memories tumbledown from the upper racks of cupboard. Photographs! She took a pause to take a look at them. Time just rallied to past in front of her eyes. Though photographs were dull in colour but freshness of memories tapped in them is still intact. Fancy dress competition in school, Shimla trip in college, marriage, her son’s first birthday, summer holidays with cousins and as the sheets of the album rattled against each other her gaze was locked by one photo perhaps one face. It was college fresher’s day picture dated 20th July, 2003. How different…

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If mirror could speak the truth



I was in 4th grade when I  read the story of “Snow White “.  Beautiful story, isn’t it?   Every character is still fresh in my mind.  There was a step mother character who was evil and lived with the only intention of harming her step daughter and the central character “Snow White”.  And along with this evil intention she had an obsession of talking to mirror and expecting an answer pacifying her false notion of being very beautiful, in fact the most beautiful. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s beautiful of them all” she used to question her magic mirror.  But the answer that her mirror gave made her go green with envy.  Answer was “Snow White” and the drama unfolds.

But I wonder what if the question was the other way round “who is the ugliest?” Or even better if the mirror could speak the truth.  That wicked…

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Where are we heading towards?


Hi Everyone,

31st December,  all news channels flashing pictures of New Year celebrations across the world where everyone bade goodbye to 2016 and welcomed 2017 with pomp.   Be it London or Dubai, the sky was illuminated with millions of colourful stars which were there for seconds.  Joy was in air (though I fail to understand till date why so much fanfare as it’s just a change in calendar 😞).

And as I was surfing channels two incidents stuck me really hard.   The First one was about the terrorist attack in Turkey.  39 innocent people killed in a nightclub when maniacs entered the nightclub and unleashed the ambush of bullets, spraying on everything and everyone present there.   Blood and gore all around.  And the culprits still at bay.  And what purpose has been served with this cowardice act?  God only knows.  On this note these creepy, not fit…

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Khaane mein kya hai? (What’s in menu- lunch/ dinner)


Hi Everyone,

We women have done exceedingly well in all fields but one question that we all struggled, struggling and probably will struggle for days to come to answer is ” Khaane mein kya hai?”.  In fact the most feared and a complicated question for all ladies who cook for their family.  I believe Greece’s economic woes might have an easy solution than our daily tryst with this seemingly easy and unimportant question.   Such is the impact of this issue on our minds that one of the leading spice brand in India has portrayed this situation in their advertisement campaign where they have shown a wife constantly having illusions of her son, daughter and husband posing this dreadful question “what’s in menu today?”.

Not only the question is tricky but working out solution to this problem provide our brains with much-needed exercise – Everyday,  which basically means we over…

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What is that you are hopeful about?


Hi Everyone,

Before proceeding further I would like to wish you all a very happy new year.  We all had our share of joys and sorrows; surprises and shocks; love and hate; friends and foes in the year which has just passed away (I hope this is a correct expression to use ☺).  So we all are stepping into a new year (I know it’s just a change of number 16 to 17, but change is a change nevertheless) with memories both fond and otherwise and hopes of betterment in the near future.

“Better” as in?  Better job, better pay, better position, better movies, government policies😏, better wardrobe, better vacations and blah blah.  We surely hope and want better of everything we had so far, right?

On that note I would like to announce what I want or rather hopeful about in the new year:

  • No more procrastination:  Yes…

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