Wish I had a Pen Pal!

‘Pen Pal’ was a very interesting concept during my school days as there was no internet, no mobiles etc., at that period of time.  I remember the advertisements for making pen friends or pen pals used to get published in different magazines and news papers.  Many times I had a desire of writing to somebody especially a girl and make friendship. But my dream never took the shape of reality.

I had published an article few months ago on my webzine Candles Online, ‘Living above negative situations,’ where I had mentioned about my childhood and teenage days. There was a loneliness living inside me during those days. There was a hollow within me. I was deprived of a friendship though I managed all those situations by God’s grace but the deprivation for a friend didn’t go at all. So what I used to do? I used to dream of a friend who should be a girl whose life should be full of sorrows which means we should be identifying with each other well. We should share all our sorrows and heartaches with each other on that life-less paper. I was dreaming how I will wait for the letter to come to my house and I will open and read desperately. But regrettably I was brought up in a very conservative family where my elders were not all open to these things. These kinds of stuff were not so cool for them at all.  I had to suppress the desire of having a pen pal.

Later in the life when I started taking my own decisions I made a great pal whom I used to call ‘Sassy.’ She was from Philippines and was very beautiful. She was married, who loved her husband and son a lot. But she was sad always as her husband was jobless. I used to encourage her every time when we contact each other. She was a very nice friend of mine. Even she called me once on the phone. Remember, ISD calls were very expensive then. But she did call me. That was a great feeling. But unfortunately she was not my ‘pen pal’ but a ‘chat pal.’ So my ‘pen pal’ dream of my childhood became a reality in the form of a ‘chat pal’ when I started working and was staying alone. I had many online friends during my bachelorhood. But she was the best among all.

Life changed. I grew in life and I know, once I joined different writers community, I got pals after pals. I never got a pen pal though but had many pals online. Some were forgotten and some are very precious to my heart who are still part of my life. Some say I have inspired them and some have really inspired me a lot. Pals are pals.

But even today I think, “Wish I had a Pen Pal!”

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Her Wings….



They were both caterpillars, they crawled their way out and kept on changing skins, making it more adaptable to surroundings, Evolving. They both went inside a Cocoon, they both needed to hide from the outside world, they both needed to change and to grow. They both emerged as with wings, ready to fly, all beautiful and Graceful, they both were willing to spread their wings and take a flight to the skies and see what it has to offer. They will both die if you catch them in a net and keep them in a jar. They will wither, they won’t last long in confinement. The story of a woman and a butterfly is not very different, the main difference is one is real delicate, and the other is real strong.


Letters To Sakhi…On Her Birthday….

Today, a year has passed since my last birthday. Yes, you guessed it right, today on January 20th is my birthday. So today I want to tell something to my younger self from the year 2016, she needs a letter from me. Actually, I have two letters.
Dear Sakhi,
Life is an all time low. You are worried sick about mum’s health. You are missing papa badly. I know your pain, I went through it. I wouldn’t tell you that you stayed stationary while everyone else moved on. I won’t tell you that you worry too much. I won’t ask you to move on. I know how many times you already heard all this. I know you are much stronger and much improved since yourself from 2012, 20th January. I love you, it was a very tough journey you made. I have counted all your tears, and I know as you read this letter you won’t trust it’s from a future you. I sound too cheerful to believe. But this is the very purpose I am writing this letter. You need to know.
You need to know that life will get better as this year passes. You will have friends on next birthday, yes friends. Don’t look so disinterested, and don’t roll eyes, I know you are a real pessimist but you need to listen. By this time next year, you will have unconditional love, undying friendship, passion for writing, goal to achieve, resolution to fulfil, books to write, a blog to run, a name in writers community, a small space for yourself among legends and you will live happily. Don’t be so surprised my love, I am not like the astrologers papa consulted, who made so many promises but all in vain. Wipe those tears and let me hug you real tight. Let me kiss you endlessly.
The thing you need to know is that you will find everything you need. Not a penny less, not a penny more. That the magic you are waiting to happen, will happen, just you won’t see the magician with a wand in his hand. Papa will lead you to great things baby. He will guide you every step. Mum will be fine, she has nothing, no scary diseases. You will happy, she will be glad for you. And you will find a wizard who will weave all your dreams in a fabric and adorn you with it. You will find someone you have always wanted, to share ever pain with, to hear it all out, to give you a million smiles. He will be there to cherish you and value you. And there is some surprise there too. Just don’t look too hard, let your heart be your guide and never think twice. You will find people who will lead happiness to you. You don’t even need to try.
I know you are so weary and so tired of playing games, of making flowers from quilling, but just hang in there. I know you are thinking of birthdays that were celebrated with papa, but you and me, however we cry, Papa, can’t come in that same form. But know that he never left us either, he was with you, he is with me, he will be with us. Don’t let yourself go into that darkness, I know it’s beckoning you, I know it’s calling you. Just know that you do have a future. Stay. Be sane. Be safe. And I will always love you, you will have me, come what may. Happy Birthday to you !
With love,
PS: Stop hating doctors. And yes, mum is doing great to put all the cash in bank, trust her. 😋
My second letter
A letter to my older self, from 20th of January 2018
Dear Sakhi,
Hello, how are you ? Hope you are doing great. I am looking forward to meet you already. You know I am writing this you on your last birthday. How is mum ? Have you got made Chinese once again ? That would be a hat-trick. I know you love Chinese. How is your bronchitis and allergies ? RG must be a banker by now ? You met him ? Or has he given up on you ? Sri must be doing MD, what hospital he got into ? It must have been thrilling when he did it. I know how much you missed him. He is still around, right ? C.P. Must be still the same helpful and jovial godfather to you. Tell me he is better too, I do wanna hear that. Too many questions, but I am so thrilled and eager. You know me, bipolar, too happy or too sad. But I have improved. Hope you are even better.
So finished your first book? I think you planned some 32 to 35 chapters. You are too lazy, I hope it’s not eating dust somewhere. And what happened to epic, tell me? To Arjan and to Nakshatra and to Vidyut and Kaya? Don’t tell me, which ones dead? I loved them all, my characters. How is Shubhi doing? And Abhi? Are they with you right now? Give my love to them all. And Hey! Tell me about the blog, how is it going? You must have done wonders by now. How many followers you have? And how many posts you made? Last time I knew your agenda was once per day. But you are crazy enough to make it two or three. You were always stubborn and determined. And still quilling sometimes? What became of dance? I bet you haven’t changed One Plus Three, mum will kill you.
How are Ram and Noorie, stop beating him yaar. Are you happy? Don’t let me know you are sad. I know you are being nostalgic. I know you well girl. You hate separation, goodbye, parting. I know you are missing papa. Heard his voice recording today. Hope no termites showed up again. Munmun must still be eating Paneer daily. Chachi, Akanksha, Guddu, all fine na ? Any news if you becoming an aunt yet ? Hahahaha, inside joke I know. Don’t be angry yaar. You know me na. You remember 2016, good year it was, tell me how was 2017 ? Write all the answers in a letter and send it to me. Chacha must be retired now ? And Mama, still here or gone back home ? Remember what great Gajar Halwa he brought.
I love you, I wish you to be happier than I am. A tight hug and lots of kisses from me. Don’t cry, if things aren’t so good, don’t cry, it will be better again. Remember, what papa used to say, “life comes in a full circle”. I give you all my good wishes and all my hope and all my blessings and all my love. I want you to have everything. I want you to be love and be loved. I want you to be healthy, hail and hearty. I want you to be celebrating this birthday with all your friends, more than I have. I want you to have a great party. Just know that I love you already, just know papa hasn’t left you, just know mum loves you no less.
With love
PS: I was planning to invest some money in share market, will it be good?


Blow Those Bubbles…

Today is Bubble Bath Day! Individuals have been getting a charge out of hot showers for a huge number of years. In Ancient Rome, showering at an open office was a piece of the day by day routine for general residents. An outing to the Roman showers may incorporate a dunk in the caldarium (hot tub), a brief break in the laconicum (sauna), and a reviving swim in the frigidarium (cold pool).
Up until the late 1940s, the average American washed once every week for personal cleanliness. Today, a day by day shower is standard, yet it’s imperative to enjoy a lavish soak each once for a little while. A bubble bath can open up your pores, scrub your skin, and unwind muscles.
Get a jug of your most loved bubble bath item and fill your tub today evening time to observe Bubble Bath Day! Make a quieting spa climate with mood melodies, candles, and a towel to pad your neck.


Amazing Amazon: Pack Light

2d77371b0f6d182556cb04e4e467bffbOhk ! So today I had this weird idea that if I need to go on a camping trip deep into the jungles of Amazon and have been told to pack light and carry only the needed stuff what all will I take along. Now I want to lie to you all; this post is inspired by countless episodes of Man vs. Wild, and Bear Grylls has taught me so much. Call it being pompous, but I believe I can survive the wilderness. The marshes and mangroves and thick forest with bears and snakes and insects crawling all over the place(though I can’t eat all the stuff he does).

Now, what would be necessary? What are the things that are compact and lightweight, easy to carry and compulsory?
I think the first thing I will take would be a Swiss knife. It has so many useful attachments that it will come handy in many things big and small. It is heavy but small. I think it’s a must take along. Next would be a lighter. Now Fire, we all know is the first thing man discovered that led us here. If it weren’t for the fire, we would still be in Stone Age. You know they say that our bodies developed so well because of the nutrition and the nutrition we got only after we learned to cook on the fire and make our food tender and chewable. More chewable food meant smaller jaws too, making us look beautiful. So, now we must have a newly refilled lighter on us so that we are saved all that stone rubbing and spark making labour.

cdbb27e550d4d010c1beb9a9ba5a995dThird will be a Water Canteen. Water is the Elixir of life they say and most important element to survive. In the jungles, water can be found in rivers and ponds, but they are stationary while we need to keep moving. So a Canteen is must to carry water along with you and save you from dehydration. It’s said we can live without food but not without water. Fire and Water can make life much easier even in adverse situations. And if the water is stagnant or impure, just filter it with a sieve made from the corner of your shirt and boil it.

On my list next comes First Aid Kit. It is obvious to fall down on uneven terrain and scrape your knee or get stomach infections because the berries you ate from that tree were not to be consumed. So, what will you keep in your medical kit? I think I will keep few band aids, some basic antibiotics, painkillers, some antiseptic like Dettol, a puff of medicated cotton and some bandages. A strip for diarrhoea, a tube of cream to apply on bruises on cuts, paracetamol and an antacid and lastly some Asprin. This being taken care off, I will be much more relieved and on my guard. I can easily fight off some small injuries which are bound to happen.

stock-photo-24529202-fireplace-in-forest-at-dusk.jpgThen I would like to have a watch on me that has long lasting battery life and can serve as an alarm, stopwatch, and compass too. This is needed to keep track of your direction so you can avoid moving in circles and you can always oversleep when tired so this alarm can wake you up after some rest to be back on your feet. Now the thing I will name is very evident; it’s a Camera. I know that our high-end phones have everything, but they work on battery, so it is always good to use more fundamental things when moving in a primitive environment. Another vital thing to pack are some energy bars, a couple of Snickets and Mars bar for scenarios when you can’t forage for food easily or have no energy to move on.

Keeping Hygiene is important even when you are trying to live the Neanderthal Style. Keep a couple of Travel Soap Paper with you and some Antibacterial Solution. A very basic Flashlight/Torch is also a must keep looking in the dark after sun down. Throw in some extra batteries too. Wear a Money Belt/Waist Pouch and leave your wallet at home. You don’t need money, just keep some for need. It can carry a lot of small tidbits making you hand free and unmindful of stuff falling out from pockets. Then comes the less important stuff like a change of clothes, a sweater if it gets cold, a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes, a Hat to avoid heatstroke. When wearing the clothes for such journey or packing them make sure they are covering you from neck to wrists and from waist to ankles, so there is minimal chance of insect bites. Denim is always advisable as they are a thick fabric and not east to tear up. It will help you in your rough, tough journey and pics will come great. 🙂

a3382ea26a0b7251c387d5ba780037cd.jpgKeep one plastic sheet with you that can serve as a Mat, a Raincoat, A small tent or even a Hammock. Fill your waist pouch with anti-itch cream, a toothpaste and toothbrush, a sunblock, a few sachets of salt, pepper and chilli flakes, some pen and paper and a power bank. A bottle of some kinda inflammable liquid won’t be bad if you can manage to find space in your waterproof backpack.( yeah, you are thinking right but lost those Lights, we don’t want you to set the jungle on fire).

That would be all! You are ready for that adventurous adventure now. Just hang those binoculars, wear a pair of sturdy hiking sneakers and some light coloured clothing, notch up those sunglasses up your nose and put that straw hat on your might head. You are ready to take on the world now. Don’t forget to grab your phone and fill some awesome music on your iPod.

PS: On second thoughts, packing a snake bite kit wouldn’t be too bad. 😉

100 Things About Me

  1. Full name: Sakhi Bansal
  2. Zodiac sign: Cusp-born so Half Capri-Half Aqua
  3. 3 Fears: Reptiles, Doctors and Loneliness
  4.  3 things you love: Babies, Butterflies and Hail Stones
  5. 4 turns on Perfume, Tie, Voice and Eyes
  6. 4 turns offs: Unhygienic, Short in height, bad breath, body odour
  7. Your best friend: My school friend, Shruti
  8. Sexual orientation: Straight 🙂
  9. My best first date: On my Birthday
  10. How tall are you: 5’4
  11. What do you miss: My Father and My Granny
  12. What time were you born: 13:02
  13. Favourite Colour: Black, Blues in all its Hues
  14. Do you have a crush: Yes, Ben Affleck
  15. Favourite quote: “What you seek, is seeking you” by Rumi
  16. Favourite place: Delhi, Dream place would be London
  17. Favourite food: Street Food, Mughlai, Chinese
  18. Do you use sarcasm: Yes, a lot
  19. What are you listening to right now: Neighbours water pump, it’s wee hours
  20. The first thing I notice in new person: The eyes, The expression. It tells me why they are here
  21. Shoe size: 6
  22. What Flower you love ?: Mogra, Pink Roses
  23. Eye colour: Indoors Black, Outdoor Brown
  24. Hair colour: Brownish Black
  25. Favourite style of clothing: Long Skirts, Kurtis, Scarves
  26. Ever done a prank call? : Yes, on would be bro-in-law, few others too
  27. Meaning behind your URL: It’s the primitive pen & paper. Writers Tools
  28. Favourite movie: Hundreds of them, Pretty Woman
  29. Favourite song: These days it’s Closer by Chainsmokers
  30. Your relationship with my parents: Devotional, Lovely, Unconditional, Friendly
  31. Favourite holiday: From the past, it would breeze…. A South India Trip
  32. Tattoos and piercings? : Pierced Ears
  33. Tattoos and piercing you want: A Tattoo on collarbone, probably a scripture
  34. Do you ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts? : All the time
  35. When did you last hold hands? : Just tonight, with my mum
  36. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? : An hour
  37. Where are you right now? : In my bedroom
  38. Do you live with my Mum and Dad?: Mum, as papa passed away
  39. Are you excited for anything? : Yes, my blog and new year
  40. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to? : Yes, a friend
  41. When was the last time you hugged someone? : Today, hugged many people
  42. Is there anyone you trust even though you should not? : Yes, a brother of mine
  43. What is something you disliked about today? : I had a fight with my mother
  44. If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? : These days I have an ick to meet Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister
  45. What do you think about most? : wWhat to write and what not to write
  46. What’s  your strangest talent? : I can’t cook simple things but complicated ones I do easily
  47. What was the last lie you told? : That I am doing great
  48. Do you believe in ghosts?: Yes, in spirits
  49. How about aliens? :  Believe in possibilities, so kinda yes
  50. Do you believe in magic? : Very strongly, not that Abra ka Debra, but a mystical energy
  51. Do you believe in luck? : Sometimes, yes
  52. What was the last book you’ve read? : Me Before You
  53. Do you like the smell of gasoline? : How did you guess? I like Kerosene Oil
  54. Do you have any nicknames? : Yes, but I won’t tell you
  55. Is there anything pink in 10 feets from you? : Yes, many curios and photo frames
  56. Favourite animal? : Polar Bear, Penguin
  57. What do you think is Satan’s last name is?:  Ummmmm, Hells, just like Wells
  58. What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it? : Cheap Thrills by Sia
  59. If the whole world were listening to you right now, what would you say? : Love your parents, they are a piece of heaven just for you. Do it before you miss the opportunity.
  60. Do you have any relatives in jail? : Ummmm, distant, yes
  61. You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice! What is that power? : Teleportation, I imagine and I am there
  62. What would be a question you’d be afraid, to tell the truth on? : My Age(haha)
  63. What is your current desktop picture? : My Father’s Last good Picture, I need to see him every few minutes
  64. Left the house without your wallet? : Yes, borrowed money from servant
  65. Bullied someone on the internet? : Umm, have been bullied, but never did to any
  66. Played on a sports team? : Yeah, in school. Baseball fiasco it was
  67. Smoked weed? : Inclined too but sanity prevailed
  68. Are you a vegetarian/vegan? : Vegetarian but eat eggs as I am lactose I tolerant
  69. Been overweight? : Yes
  70. Been underweight? : No
  71. Been to a wedding? : Yes, many
  72. Been on the computer for 5 hours straight? : Everyday
  73. Watched TV for 5 hours straight? : Many times, back to back movies
  74. Been outside your home country? : No
  75. Gotten your heart was broken? : Yes, numerous times
  76. Broken a bone? : Yes, Humerus
  77. Been to prom? : We had school party, so yes, it was all girls school
  78. Been in aeroplane? : Numerous times
  79. Had a crush on someone of the same sex? : Mmmm, yeah. Won’t tell who
  80. Learned another language? : Tried to, French
  81. Wore make up? : Yes
  82. Dyed your hair? Yes, once got them streaked
  83. Voted in a presidential election? : No
  84. Rode in an ambulance? : No, it’s scary
  85. Had a surgery? : Hell, please don’t say that
  86. Met someone famous? : Yeah, few actors, on top was Shabana Azmi
  87. Stalked someone on a social network? : Umm, 😉 yes
  88. Been fishing? : Been on fishing boat but no fishing
  89. Helped with charity? : Yes many times
  90. Been rejected by a crush? : Yeah
  91. Broken a mirror? : Yeah
  92. What do you want for birthday? : My childhood, or Rajnigandha, laughter
  93. Were you named after anyone? No, just chosen randomly
  94. Do you like your handwriting? : Hahahaha, hate it. It’s childish
  95. What was your favourite toy as a child? : Barbie Doll n her dresses
  96. Favourite Tv Show? : Friends and Fullhouse
  97. Where do you want to live when older? : Here only Delhi or max London
  98. Play any musical instrument? : Whistle or nothing
  99. What are you dreadful at ?: Cooking
  100. What are your greatest achievements: Writing and loving all
  101. Anything You want to tell ?: Yes, I enjoyed answering these questions