Frail hand that held me


Hi Everyone,

Note*  work of fiction

From the diary of a murderer :

I was there killing people, seeking pleasure in their cries.  I could see my reflection in the pool of blood.  There was chaos everywhere.  Nothing moved me because I already have died from within.

I was also hurt physically in this carnage, was wandering in streets with a bleeding hand and it was then that I met this old lady.  She must be something over sixty years.  She looked at my hand and asked what happened.  I said had a small accident and couldn’t find a doctor at this hour.  It’s not a small accident, you are hurt severely, come with me I will do some first aid.  I said its fine, I will find something, I will take care of it.  She still insisted, and she did it persistently.  I had to give up as energy was draining out…

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Journey of girl to woman


Hi Everyone,

A girl is born.  And the mother holds her close to her heart and whispering into her ears “I love you” and a tear trickles down her cheek.  In her thoughts she said to herself “now I am complete, and you have completed me”.

Girl is growing up, so is the mother.  She is reliving her childhood in the purity of her child’s smile.  She is finding solace in the innocence of her child’s acts.  She has promised herself to be a way for her child to materialize her dreams but be never in the way of her dreams.  For the mother her child is the world and can take the world head on for her child.

As the girl was growing up her inquisition on everything grew.  Her curiosity was reflected in her questions and the happiness of a mother was reflected in her eyes when she…

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Had It Not Been Same?


*Fiction series # part 1

Hello Everyone,

My name is M.Swamy, working as a Client Relationship Manager in a MNC and recently shifted to Mumbai.  Finding an appropriate shelter in Mumbai is difficult than walking on water.  And even compromises doesn’t seem  to have mercy on pocket.  Anyways after toiling hard with a fair share of ordeals I did find a decent nest for myself – a small but a cosy one with amicable atmosphere around.

Soon I moved in.  It was the first Saturday after I moved in, I was relaxing after a long time – tiring weekdays and house searching marathon has taken a toll on me.  I badly needed this break.  It was 11 AM and I was leisurely sipping my coffee  while surfing channels on television.  There was knock at the door. “Might be maid, I told Watchman to send someone for petty chores and…

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A Disturbing Dream


Hello Everyone,

Do you dream?  Who doesn’t?  What do you dream about “generally”?  I mean there might be a certain set of dreams that you generally visualise.  My school, college, friends, examination hall, my father – they don’t seem to leave my eyes.  They make me happy, teary eyed, laugh out loud, think hours about them.

But yesterday I had a very disturbing dream that shook me completely.

What was the dream?  I was travelling in a bus.  There was a man who was sitting behind my seat.  He was doing some obnoxious stuff, passing lewd comments at women in the bus accompanied with actions.  And the irony is he was with his daughter and no one dared to oppose him.  When finally I decided to take an initiative and report the issue to the cops to my dismay the fact dawned on me that he himself was a…

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Parental Guidance – Be More Careful Parents


Hello Everyone,

As the title suggests this is specially for parents, to be specific parents of kids (toddlers to be more precise)

Without beating around the bush I would like to know from parents themselves how do they decide which movie their kids should watch?  Isn’t it obvious – of course the film certification stating the suitable age group aids the decision.  I am sure everyone is aware of the different classifications.  Here parental guidance is clearly guided beforehand.

Basically parents can safeguard their kids against any kind of sleaze, blood, gore and anything which is not meant for the tender minds with certifications on display.

But it might come across as a shock that kids need monitoring against the seemingly safe content that they watch especially on YouTube (one of the most widely viewed, there can be other online sources too).  There can be no denial that kids of…

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WiFi or Wife – what’s/ who’s your pick Mr.Husband?


Note: Fiction but a virtual truth of many lives today.

Hello Everyone,

Summer vacations and kids at Grandma’s place, such a bliss!  Some shopping, spa time and some quality time with hubby dear – this was all playing in Supriya’s mind.  Daily chaos – kids, home, office to be taken care of and something which she regretted a lot was lack of time (more than obviously).  As a result of which someone else (better say something) entered into their lives and equations have changed forever.

Now it’s time for setting the equations right, thought Supriya.

It was Saturday, Supriya had a long day at salon – her much-needed break and makeover.  She looked fabulous.  She was really happy to see the outcome and hoping to get noticed (well women’s’ greatest confidence booster when a hefty amount is spent on wardrobe and salon is getting noticed 😀).

She reached home…

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Candles Online

Yes, every person has a hidden talent. Hidden talent does not necessarily mean an ability or natural instincts to be the best in the world. Hidden talents could be like: a natural ability to sing melodiously, dance happily or read voraciously. Everyone has some or the other thing that they can cultivate (work on) to develop their quality of life. Yes. Theoretically speaking, humans are a complex species with a storehouse of talents. The skills of a person are shown only on exposure to favourable situations. So, since not everyone gets favourable circumstances to express their talent, there are some abilities that remain “Hidden”. This is true practically too. We have seen reticent people perform well in front of an audience etc.

To make it easier for your talent to find you, you must try doing things that fascinate you. Do those things more often. If you realise that…

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