WiFi or Wife – what’s/ who’s your pick Mr.Husband?


Note: Fiction but a virtual truth of many lives today.

Hello Everyone,

Summer vacations and kids at Grandma’s place, such a bliss!  Some shopping, spa time and some quality time with hubby dear – this was all playing in Supriya’s mind.  Daily chaos – kids, home, office to be taken care of and something which she regretted a lot was lack of time (more than obviously).  As a result of which someone else (better say something) entered into their lives and equations have changed forever.

Now it’s time for setting the equations right, thought Supriya.

It was Saturday, Supriya had a long day at salon – her much-needed break and makeover.  She looked fabulous.  She was really happy to see the outcome and hoping to get noticed (well women’s’ greatest confidence booster when a hefty amount is spent on wardrobe and salon is getting noticed 😀).

She reached home…

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Candles Online

Yes, every person has a hidden talent. Hidden talent does not necessarily mean an ability or natural instincts to be the best in the world. Hidden talents could be like: a natural ability to sing melodiously, dance happily or read voraciously. Everyone has some or the other thing that they can cultivate (work on) to develop their quality of life. Yes. Theoretically speaking, humans are a complex species with a storehouse of talents. The skills of a person are shown only on exposure to favourable situations. So, since not everyone gets favourable circumstances to express their talent, there are some abilities that remain “Hidden”. This is true practically too. We have seen reticent people perform well in front of an audience etc.

To make it easier for your talent to find you, you must try doing things that fascinate you. Do those things more often. If you realise that…

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Curse of Daughter of Eve

Here I stand, in your court, from the beginning of time

My only crime, I am a woman

I won’t plead ‘not guilty.’

I am guilty, of every crime I am accused of

Punish me, pass your sentence, take me to the gallows

Hang me by the noose for I am a woman

Let me hang till death you chose for me

For my soul wants freedom, from this body

And that body is yours, yours to bury

It’s yours in death, just as it was yours in life

You nurtured inside it, you were my child

Just mines, yes, I could only vouch for that

You fed on it, oh yes, it was on my breast

I went half naked each time you cried for milk

Again I offered you my lap so you could dream

And poured in you my blood, to realise those dreams

Bury your sins with it, burn your lust with it

For I have taken everything else with me

The taunts, the jibes, the curse, the abuse

I am not worthy of your love oh son of Adam

Because I was the one who was infidel

But it was you who betrayed your person

It was me who was a whore and a harlot

But it was you who came to a wench’s door

It was me who was standing naked for you

But it was you who convinced me to shed my garb

So here, in spirit, I curse you, son of Adam

That there will be no one to love you but me

There will be no one satiate your ardour but me

There will be no one to bear you offspring but me

And there will be no one but me and only me

Who will decide that you hold a true born or a bastard



Struck By The Strom


Hello Everyone,

Struck by the Strom and a log in my eye,

I am blinded and oblivious to the world around.

My eyes are shut closely with darkness surrounding by leaps and bounds.

I am confined to a corner petrified by fear,

I fear movement lest I would stumble down.

But the Strom did die leaving behind a dreadful silence.

Screaming at me a voice from within “Till how long?”,

“Till how long you will hide from life when you don’t know when the death would arrive?”.

I was stubborn enough to not to answer,

But soon sun rays did knock my eyelids urging me to listen and care enough to answer and I had to.

I was struggling to open my eyes to let the light drive away the darkness of ignorance.

Log was gone but pain still reckoning, tears still rolling down leaving behind a burning trail.


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Have You Acted Like A Fool Of Late?


Hello Everyone,

Have you acted like a fool of late?  Or in your distant past?  Do you remember those acts and do you laugh at them?  Can you laugh at yourself?

Ability to laugh at oneself is a boon and an agreeable characteristic trait.  You laugh at your follies, others won’t have a chance to laugh at you.

I don’t want to be overtly preachy here, just wanted to share few incidents where I felt like a fool, nudged my head for a second then, thinking “Gosh! What I have done?

  • Tryst with French: It’s been over seven years here in Belgium but my French isn’t perfect yet.  But now I can manage many things using that language for communication.  But remembering how I used to fare initially still leaves me in splits.  Wrong punctuation can be fatal. Before every conversation with any stranger I used to say ” Je…

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Candles Online

He was there, on the raised dais. He looked so handsome, that calm, serene look on his face. A soft smile played on his lips. His favourite perfume was scenting the whole area. The suit was made-to-order, it looked so perfect on him. The black Tuxedo. He had ordered it just last month. Had made special demands to keep the coat a bit short, he hated long coats. His wedding ring glinted on his left hand. She had pinned the red rose in his buttonhole, added the golden pin on the tie, kissing his forehead again and again. She still remembered how proudly she had looked down on him the day he had been chosen to be a Pilot for Air Force. She had saluted him.

His face had radiated with happiness and eyes shone with pride. She could never forget that high five he gave his younger sister, hugging…

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Oh Woman! Go And Liberate Yourself



Hello Everyone,

I am not sure about how shall I begin this but I am pretty sure about what I want to say.  It’s about every wonderful woman around.  Now please men! don’t draw your inferences that this is another feminist post or male shamming post.  No it’s not.  It’s about three important “E”s that should be an integral part of any woman’s life.  They are:

  • Education
  • Earning
  • Evolving & Exploring

Educate yourself:  Don’t let anything or anyone come in your path where you are trending and striving to enrich and enhance your knowledge.  I remember clearly what did Michelle Obama once said  ” Had I concentrated on how I looked instead of aspiring big would you think it was possible for me to be the first lady of USA.  No guy is cute enough to distract you from your goal” (forgive me for discrepancies as I am not…

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