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It’s almost a regime for me to talk to my bestie.  We share our deepest darkest secrets, hearty laughs, saddest moments day in and day out.  Few days back amidst such exchange of emotions she told me about a brawl that broke down in the premises of her husband’s office following a missed call.  You heard it right it was just a “Missed Call“.

Her husband is a good friend of mine as well.  It’s about a missed call that he made to his female co-employee and it was unintentional, more of an accident as he was trying to call his father and ended up dialing her number which was next in contact list by mistake.  Within a fraction of seconds he disconnected the call as he realised the goof-up he made.

It all began with that accidental call.  Soon there was a revert and it was the…

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Raat Ki Rani Ka Ped

Wo Meetha Ek bahana hai
Wo Pyara taana baana hai

Bheeni Bheeni Khushboo sa
Maano Chandan ki hi Rooh sa

Wo Mehka Mehka aata hai
Wo Behka Behka jaata hai

Maano chand ki Misri sa
Yaad koi Ek Bisri sa

Taaro ki chhaon ke tale tale
Wo Raat ke sang mein Dhale Dhale

Wo Kashish mila kar Kehta hai
Wo Jheel ke paas mein Rehta hai

Wo Rajnigandha hawa mein hai
Wo Dua mein hai, Wo dawa mein hai

Wo Nadi, Talabon paas mila
Wo Aam Nahi, kuchh khaas mila

Hai Phool Gulaab chameli ka
Hai Rang Wo Lal hatheli ka

Wo Mae mein Aur mehkhano mein
Kuchh roothne Aur Manaane mein

Wo Ambiya bela jhuki huyi
Wo Dhoop mein chhaya Ruki huyi

Wo chaand chandaniya chhitkaaye
Wo Mann ki taap ko dehkaaye

Wo raaton mein hai soonapan
Wo Sannate mein apnapan

Wo barkha badal badra hai
Wo aankh mein sajta kajra hai

Gar beetein lamhe Bazm mein kuchh
Gar baat lage is nazm mein kuchh


A Gift For My Love

The cold wind from the west that Blows
From mighty mountains high and Lows
I can feel your presence, your essence so Close
Love you are my sunshine even when it Snows

Around the meadows and the brooks, it Grows
In evenings it opens, the lovely yellow Primrose
You are my poetry, my saga, my quote and my Prose
In butterflies of colour, burning Firefly, you Chose

I smell your scent around, my heartbeat Slows
You melt my heart like ice, in winters that Froze
Never slept in an era but in your arms, I Doze
Don’t ever leave me bereft, in the poignant Pose

Your touch makes me blush and curl my Toes
To Sun and Moon, and to Stars I Suppose
Milkyway and Andromeda, the whole Cosmos
To Infinity and Beyond, Love in eyes that Shows

I have read you my heart, let me take my Bows
With you, I stand tall, in Storms and Throes
I am there by your side, in light and Shadows
Let me send you a kiss, on the petals of a Rose




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She continually honked to get ahead in her hurried frenzy, overtaking a few cars a bit rashly. Diana was sitting by her side in the passenger seat with her daughters in the back. She placed a hand on her elder sister’s hand on the steering wheel. It was cold and was trembling.

Diana looked a long minute at Nina and Nina was acutely aware of her younger sister’s unwavering gaze. She looked in the rearview mirror and wiped her sweaty brow with a tissue she extracted from a box on the dashboard.

“Di, what is up? I have never seen you worried about Mum before today. I had called you many times, requested you to talk to her, come and meet her as she was longing to see you, but you never budged. Then what happened today?”

Nina gave her younger sister a haughty look and opened her mouth to…

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I Like it. I Love it. I Desire it. I Need it. I am Desperate for it. I Can’t have it. I am Depressed. This will Ruin me. Nothing I do Ends this. I Need to Let Go. It’s Hard. I am Practising it every day. I am Learning. I still Want it, but I am NOT Desperate. I have Moved on. I was Silly. I can do Better. Until……I Like it.

Human life is purposeless without passions and dreams and desires.

There are some things which you don’t need or want; you are desperate for them. At the same time, those things need not be relevant to you otherwise but that that particular moment in time.

On the one hand, a man in the cold winter night, out on the road can be desperate for a cup of steaming hot coffee while another can be desperate for the loving…

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She counted the money. She counted it twice, then thrice. With a sigh, she sat on her bed, while all her purses and money boxes lay scattered around her. Even after collecting every last penny of her savings the money wasn’t enough to pay for the injections needed to save her daughter’s life. Her heart sank at the perspective. What would happen now?

Her five-year-old girl was terribly ill. She was admitted to a government hospital. Her father had died in a road accident leaving the mother and child alone in this cruel world. Sapna sat crying, she saw no way to save her Naina. Naina, who was her only reason to live. Naina who loved to eat pastries and patties. Naina, who was fighting for each breath as she lay in that hospital ward. Her tiny hands, her little feet, unmoving and lifeless. Sapna tried hard not to give…

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Fear, Fear, In My Heart

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Walking through this life, I often Stumble

Sailing through time, it makes me Tremble

Fears can’t be faced with a pinch of Salt

It Hampers my growth, but it’s not my Fault

Thorny and Barbed and Dry and Rough

I can walk no more, this road is tough

Days can be dark, nights can be darker

Fright Has no pattern, there is no Marker

Just know that it’s fine if you take a fall

If you conquer your fears and just stand tall

Yours can be a dog or a spider or a snake

Mine can be flowers or books or cake

I fear Doctors and Dying and Crowd

But that’s no reason that I can’t feel proud

You won’t know Freedom until you know a cage

Just overcome that horror, just turn that Page

For you are not alone in this battle that’s within

But just keep on fighting…

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