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Few days back I got a call from my friend. She sounded very sad and broken. Her tone was that of melancholy. When I enquired her “what’s the matter?” She broke as she discussed about her friends being mean to her and there’s lot more that I surely can’t reveal here. She confided to me as she trusted me as a strong shoulder to lean on when she felt feeble. For me (personally) the matters that she discussed seemed to be something that don’t need so much of her introspection or something that couldn’t or shouldn’t affect a person to the extent of breaking them down. But again I want to reiterate that this is my opinion and we are two different individuals. Hence, a matter which is of no to little importance to me is an issue that is demanding and holding her attention strongly.


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DD EraWas The Most Peaceful One


Th31-Doordarshan-1.jpegHow I wish I could have finished writing this piece way before than the elections entering the last phase.  But better late than never you see 😊.  Well to begin with one of the highlighted line doing rounds these days in my homeland “Tanav bahut hai kyunki desh mein chunav hai“.  It means “There’s lot of tension because we have elections in the country”.  And this is not just a random sarcastic line but a mirror to the current atmosphere of the country.  The biggest festival of the biggest democratic country is about to end in just two days – Elections are about to come to an end on 19/05/2019 and results will be out on 23/05/2019 sealing fates of many, in fact everyone – the representatives, the voters & the nation.  And I know how badly I missed my opportunity to cast a vote 😔. 

I can…

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Super Mom or Ordinary Mother


Hi Everyone,

Over the years our dictionaries have seen a multiple fold increase in the number of words that have been introduced for use.  But one word which I am not sure we would find in any dictionary but have been using or hearing constantly these days is “Super ” Mom.

What is or rather who is Super Mom?   Can an adjective define or distinguish one mother from another?  How different is this Super Mom from an ordinary mother?

Being a mother of two myself I constantly try to evaluate myself as a mother.  Am I doing enough for my kids, am I going that extra mile for my kids?  In terms of their nutrition, health, behaviour, overall development are my kids doing well and par with kids of their age?  And in this process I see my counterparts as well.  Many of them are working mothers.  At this…

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Dimensions Of Freedom



What’s Freedom? Probably not setting up the alarm in the night and not worrying about the clock ticking in the morning; stuffing up your favourite dishes without giving a damn to calories or pounds; spending without having to think twice about the bank balance and so on. But these things are too trivial, in fact insignificant to define a deep and profound concept of “Freedom”.

Freedom is a subjective concept with varied dimensions – physical, emotional, spiritual.

We are all born free and moving in this world freely. That’s the physical dimension of freedom we are talking about.  The era of slavery is gone so physical bondage is done away with.  This is superficial in every possible sense we can think of because that’s not absolute. At every step we are bound by many restrictions by the rules and laws framed by family, society, authorities. And since human is…

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