Love Potion

I know you’re Rare
I am ready to take this Dare

I want you, you’re Exquisite
But I have my own Prerequisite

We are the most Intricate Pattern
Be my Sun, My Moon, My Saturn

You decided to be Unendurable
Then just know I too ain’t Curable

Agreed that your Magnificent
But you know me, The Maleficient

Why Impossible to Untangle
Come Fight me, Wrangle

Sharp eyes, Piercing Gaze
Intense Puzzle, Harrowing Maze

Excruciating Perfection
Torturous Seduction

I will drink this Love Potion
Break and Shatter all your Notion

Let it go down my Throat, Poison my Veins
Let it Infiltrate my Blood, Loosen the Reins

No good will come from Fearing
Come, I am ready for this Searing

We will both rise again from the Ashes
From it a new Dawn, a new Sun Flashes


Hey You…

Like a Snake on Sandalwood, to you, I Cling
Why is this Madness, what is this Thing
Is it turning to Love? I wanted just Fling
But now I am Happy, I Dance and Sing

You’re my cake and my Cherry, My Icing
If I am a Phoenix, then you’re my Wing
You’re what I Need, you add that Zing
Of Rose and Of Guns, The Love Bite Sting

Message me na baby, gimme a Ping
Just asking for a Call, not a Diamond Ring
You’re different every Moment, Some Mood Swing
Baby, I am your Queen, You’re my King


You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar

It’s Ohk, Alright; I am Fine
What shall I gain, If I Whine
I have one Life to Live, not Nine
Will make do, Flowers, Twigs or Twine
Come on, Stand up, Have some Spine
You ain’t a Creeper, You ain’t a Vine
Stop being so damn Flexible, Shed that Bine
For this once take a Stance, Be Opine
Gather your Soul, No more Pine
Break the Rules, Stop being In Line
It’s your Blood they Drink; It’s no Red Wine
Pull that Fork from your Heart, That Sharp Tine
Stop Carving me up; I am not yours to Chine
I am not your Prey, not a Lamb, not an Ovine
You are not Thou, Not Thee, I ain’t Thine
I won’t let you Drag me, No more up your Cline
I am not that Weak; I come with Hard Exine
Will not turn to Dust, was made to Shine
I will make it out, out of your Ravine
From this Moment I am the Wolf, I am Lupine
I won’t give it to you now; It’s Mine
You get no more Worship, No Shrine
Claiming the Jungle, A Queen Feline
I am Sacred, I am Pious, I am Divine

Thou Shall Fall To Temptation

Who the hell am I Kidding
Come here and do my Bidding
Thou shall not fall to Temptation
That’s such an impossible Summation
I would keep my Desires in Touch
One life to live is only so Much
Knocking at my door is Greed
I am its Slave, Never to be Freed
Don’t play with Fire, Never get Burned
Better be Sorry than be Spurned
Denied Passions are not my Victory
All my thoughts are so damn Contradictory
How can I not be Tempted
From sin no one is Exempted
Go and scour the books of History
Full of Hunger, Lust & Mystery
So here I bow down to my Thirst
My devotion to my own Craving come First

Ope The Door

This Year, Just Believe, Hope

by Sakhi
No More Sulking, Never Mope
Push Harder, Don’t Whine, Cope
No Weakness, No Tears, Nope
Hang in there, Walk that Tight Rope
Don’t Walk, Don’t Shuffle, Lope
Let go Cigs, Throw Booze, Stop Dope
NO ! Not Holier Than Thou, Not The Pope
Stop running, Face it, Why Elope
You need to reach Perfection, there is still Scope
Find Your way out in Darkness, Grope
Don’t be One-Dimensional,  Be an Isotope

In My Lair

by Sakhi
Come Hither,  I am yours to Pillage
You have my Core for your Tillage
Come on now, Make the Blunder
Let me see, how you Plunder
The Pearly Tears, for your Loot
I am Shaken, down to my Root
I offer you my repression, Come, Strip
Let me bleed, in a Languorous  Drip
You think you are the Satanic Savage
Do you have an Escape? When I Ravage!
Crawling like a Spider, Came to Steal
I have some tricks too, Yet to Reveal
For now, Rip Off, Nab, Lift, Swipe
I will wait for my turn to be Ripe
You have my Heart to Ransack and Raid
Till I Ruin, you and your plans best Laid
Forage, my soul, that Cave’s your to Denude
All your desires are mine, Carnal and Lewd
Seduction is on, Beguiling you to my Lair
You will pay me in full, but the Trial will be Fair
I will break you into bits as you Maraud
On your Carcas I will stand, Applaud

Love’s Trade

by Sakhi
Discover Love
Keep it all Above
Hold on with both Hands
Take it with you to Undying Lands
Memories Lost & Found
Sky reaching but EarthBound
Two Hearts beating in Sync
Capturing Passion in a Blink
Dying for Her, Living for Him
Paint his Fancy, Dance his Whim
Two Tears & Four Smiles, Keeping Books
Five Stolen Kisses, Two in corner, Three in Nooks
This is all there is to Love’s Trade
Rest is all a Chaos, a Charade