Preceded By Chaos !


by Sakhi

They say there is Order to Chaos. Have you ever felt it ? Chaos definitely is attractive, Chaos is present in all things that evolve. People with messy chaotic personality seem much more colorful. The worst thing one can do is trying to tame the chaos in them, it’s like trying not to scream as you burn.

Ever felt drawn towards rubble, I feel attracted to it and stand there watching it in a mesmerizing beauty that is extraordinary. Chaos engulfs you like jungle fire but you feel not burnt rather there us warmth in it.Ever felt a strong determination to sit down and untie a most tangles knot of threads ? If we love or we hate, we get inspired or get depressed, go through a test or opt for escapism, decide to speak the truth or take the easy way out and lie, party or sit quietly in a park, Life, in short, is Chaotic.
When there is turbulence only then we can hope for calm. It’s such a charm to look up at the night sky Helter skelter with stars. Creativity and ingenuity are often found in time of crisis and catastrophe. All big cities, be it New York Or Delhi are lawless. Chaos is crazy, do not despair in it, know that you are near a breakthrough. ALL GREAT CHANGES ARE PRECEDED BY CHAOS !